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This week we handled a small two day work. We spent the day laying vinyl flooring over vinyl floor covering. Which can be challenging to get right however with the best information as well as treatments, any kind of do-it-yourself-er as well as resident can tackle a job like this with confidence. As always I will note all materials as well as devices you will certainly need to lay vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring.


Your brand-new vinyl flooring
Vinyl floor covering adhesive (we made use of a releasable stress delicate adhesive from Chap-co).
Skim coat.
Finish nails.
caulking( shot and also match the color of your floor covering).
Blue painters tape.
Otherwise reusing old wall and also thresholds your will require to purchase new.


Razor blade (hook blade as well as standard blade).
Hammer & level bar.
Masonry Trowel.
Vacuum cleaner.
End up nail gun( hammer as well as nail set will certainly additionally work).
Miter Saw( not needed if reusing old moulding).
Paint brush & roller( if utilizing releasable pressure delicate adhesive, with some adhesives you will require a 1/8 scratched tile trowel to spread your adhesive, always make certain to read as well as comply with the suppliers instructions on container).
Caulking gun.
2x4 wrapped in rug or a towel.

Being a home owner you will most likely own these devices. If not, you can pick them up at your regional equipment shop and also not have to worry as you will be able to utilize any one of these listed tools time and time again.

1. As well as most undoubtedly you will certainly require to clear out the area. , if its your kitchen it is always best to remove your refrigerator as well as cooktop to run the flooring under them.


2. Using your hammer and flat bar, it's time to eliminate any type of base board moulding or quarter rounded trim from around the sides of your flooring. , if you are going to merely recycle your old moulding make certain not to break any of your pieces as your eliminating them.. Viewing as your going with a brand new floor I would suggest replacing all the moulding. It depends exactly how attack the old moulding is as well as your budget plan.

3. Examine your floor. Look for bubbles and loose areas. Using your razor blade, w/ a common blade, removed and remove these bad areas.

4. Vacuum the flooring of all dust and also particles to keep it out of your skim coat.

5. Currently it's time to skim coat the floor. We made use of a Henry 547 Universal Patch & Skim Coat. This skim coat merely gets combined with water. Comply with the instructions on the plan of whatever skim coat you choose to make use of. , if you are filling up in areas where it will be thicker you will certainly want to load those areas with a thicker mix.. Utilizing your stonework trowel, spread the skim coat throughout the whole floor. This will fill in the locations you needed to eliminate in addition to any type of appearance in the existing vinyl. Even if you do not require to reduce any type of locations out, your new vinyl will suck up tight to the old flooring a lot that you will certainly see the appearance of the old flooring come through to your new floor. This is and also is a needed step what makes laying vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring possible.

6. Cover it up, you're provided for regarding 14-18 hours depending on how much time your skim coat item requires to set as well as dry.

7. Now that your skim coat has actually dried out. Evaluate the surface area. Using your trowel scrape off any drips or any kind of lines you left. The trick to the skim coat is to get it completely flat as possible.

8. Vacuum cleaner the whole floor extremely completely. Any particles you leave on your flooring will be seen through the brand-new vinyl.

9. Currently it is time to eliminate your new vinyl flooring. There are a pair methods you might want to tackle this. You can simply take dimensions as well as draw a diagram on your own to comply with. Another way is to obtain a roll of building paper, lay it out and cut on your own a pattern. In any case you select to do this you require to ensure to leave a good 2 inches right around. The hook blade works fantastic for removing your brand-new floor. If you are using a really felt backed vinyl you will need to make alleviation cuts in the within corners of your new floor covering. You will also require to tape these edges with blue painters tape to reinforce them. Really felt backed vinyl is breakable. It will tear and fracture on you particularly in those corners. , if you are using a sheet vinyl item you will not have to stress regarding this.


10. Carry your brand-new flooring right into the location and very carefully spread it and lay it down where it goes. Utilizing your common blade press the excess you left into the edges as well as remove the excess around the whole floor. If you are utilizing a floor that has straight lines running through it you will wish to see to it you have those lines aligned how you want them prior to you reduce your flooring. You may need to move it over as well as if you have already suffice you might not allow enough to fit approximately the wall.

11. When you have your flooring all removed and prepared to go, it's time for glue. with the releasable pressure delicate sticky you will be able to just repaint it on the floor. Other adhesives may require a notched trowel. Read and also comply with the directions on the adhesive you are using. The releasable adhesive is advised, by the manufacturer, for sheet vinyl item. Fold back one side of your floor covering regarding midway back. Spread your glue. If you desire a long-term bond with the releasable glue you won't wish to allow it completely dry completely. Once the glue is ready, meticulously lay your vinyl back where it got on the floor. Utilizing a size of 2x4 covered in rug( or wrapped in a towel) press as well as slide out the flooring in the direction of the outside edges. This is mosting likely to dislodge bubbles as well as wrinkles, ensuring a tight bond. Repeat this for the opposite side of your floor.

12. Now you can change your old moulding and thresholds. If you pick to replace your moulding, make sure your dimensions are correct and angles are proper. If you attempt making use of the old pieces as design templates they will all run a little bigger and also won't fit in their places. If you weren't able to obtain your floor best as well as there are some areas that aren't totally covered, either by the base board or brand-new floor covering (i.e. around entrances and their trim), you can make use of caulking to complete these areas.

13. Some adhesives call for waiting a while to dry, prior to moving any type of furniture or appliances in addition to it. A great guideline would be to wait a couple hrs prior to relocating points back, yet just see what the product your utilizing advises and also adhere to that.

It is a fairly basic procedure for any property owner or do-it-yourself-er. The secret is your skim coat. This is what makes laying vinyl floor covering over vinyl floor covering possible. If you do not skim coat it, the texture of your old flooring WILL reveal via on your brand-new vinyl.

I stated felt back/paper back vinyl as well as whats called sheet vinyl. Vinyl itself is an extremely affordable product for a wonderful looking all new floor. The price variety in between your less expensive( felt backed, fractures and also rips EXTREMELY quickly) as well as your higher quality( sheet vinyl, will not break, tear or crease) vinyls isn't a large difference. Sheet vinyl is so much less complicated to deal with as well as lay. The distinction in rate will certainly be well worth the stress of installing it. Not to mention if you acquire the cheaper vinyl and it rips, your mosting likely to need to either purchase a vinyl seam bonding product or go out as well as get one more item of vinyl. We very advise making use of a sheet vinyl item with a releasable stress delicate adhesive for ideal outcomes.

Laying vinyl floor covering over vinyl floor covering is a great weekend project that will leave you with a beautiful new floor as well as increase the value of your home. Good luck on your next home improvement task, and also see to it to examine back with us for brand-new and also upgraded details on Do It Yourself and also house enhancements.
What's all the hassle regarding vinyl flooring lately? One probably thinks dull, drab and boring as you conger up photos of that vinyl floor covering of the past. However the lifeless gold or dull orange and brown square patterns from your granny's kitchen are no more.

Technology has actually boosted throughout the years as well as the vinyl flooring of today is far from drab. Thanks to innovations in production as well as style, it has been changed with an extra resistant, high-end vinyl flooring that has quickly come to be in vogue.

Right here are 5 huge reasons to consider deluxe vinyl floor covering regardless of what room in the home you are considering revamping.

1. Large Range Of Styles As Well As Colors.

It is the 2nd layer of vinyl floor covering that makes it so stunning as well as versatile. A printing process called rotogravure is used on this layer to imprint the layout. This technique of printing uses a rotary press with photoengraved plates to imprint nearly any type of type of design onto the vinyl.

Resistant vinyl flooring is so versatile due to the fact that it is currently made to mimic the look of numerous natural substrates. Rock, ceramic tile, wood, linoleum, block as well as even marble are simply a few of the options readily available. A wide variety of colors, textures and also patterns develop limitless possibilities. Regardless of what your style or budget preference, there are many options to choose from.

2. Easy To Clean.

Vinyl floors today are common offered as "no wax" floors. These "no-wax" surface areas are less complicated to cleanse due to the fact that the floor radiates without waxing. A moist mop is all that is normally required to keep it clean. The leading wear layer will certainly likewise be very resistant to discoloration as well as scraping.

It is essential to note that these "no-wax" floorings will ultimately lose their sparkle with time. Producers suggest that the floor be rubbed or recoated with the "no-wax" material over the surface area where the luster has actually decreased. It is constantly best to utilize the supplier's advised layer material as there are various formulations on the marketplace.

3. Long Lasting, Put On Resistant.

There are 2 types that supply wear resistance as well as a lengthy life span:.

Printed Vinyl Floor Covering.

Consists of 3-4 Layers.
Use layer (top).
Printed pattern.
Padding layer (optional).
Base layer.

Many vinyl floor covering consists of 3 to four layers sandwiched together to develop a material that is both sturdy and lovely. The first layer contains a backing material that is made from felt or fiberglass. The 2nd layer is a printed layer of vinyl that complies with the base layer. There may be a supporting layer on some styles. The final layer is called a "wear layer", and also it is likewise made from vinyl.

The wear layer is made also from vinyl and also safeguards the flooring from wear and tear. Its resistance to damages and also gouging depends upon the density of the layer. The thicker the wear layer, the more long lasting the flooring will be. FHA demands are a minimum of 10 mils yet the best flooring designs offer up to 30 mils for optimum protection. It is very important to ask the sales person regarding the density of the wear layer if you are looking for the very best performance.

Inlaid Vinyl Flooring.

With decorated vinyl floor covering the pattern is produced click here throughout the thickness of the vinyl. This kind is extra expensive, however if the pattern is broken or scratched, it is not obvious due to the fact that the pattern extends throughout the entire deepness of the sheet. Decorated vinyl floors do not have a wear layer, however they do have a base support layer.

4. Comfy Underfoot.

If you are going to install your floor covering in locations where you will be doing a lot of standing or strolling, such as in the cooking area, a style that includes a supported support will likely be most comfortable. When compared with laminate, floor tile or wood floorings, the supported vinyl flooring will certainly constantly give a greater level of convenience for standing and walking.

5. Less Complex Setup.

A specialist is always recommended for setup, the process can be much less challenging than various other kinds of floor covering because you can frequently set up the new flooring right over the existing one. If you have an evenly-surfaced floor tile or wood floor, you can talk with your sales person regarding setting up the vinyl floor covering right over it. This can save you money and time in the long run because you may not have to pay somebody to eliminate the old flooring before setting up the brand-new one.

With ceramic tile, timber as well as even laminate floor covering your contractor may need to do an excellent bargain of messy cutting to fit the pieces together. With roll-type vinyl, this mess is minimized which can save you money and also tidy up time in the future.

We invested the day laying vinyl floor covering over vinyl floor covering. As always I will note all tools and materials you will certainly require to lay vinyl floor covering over vinyl floor covering.

I pointed out really felt back/paper back vinyl and whats called sheet vinyl. Not to discuss if you purchase the more affordable vinyl as well as it splits, your going to need to either purchase a vinyl seam bonding item or go out and buy an additional item of vinyl. With inlaid vinyl flooring the pattern is created throughout the thickness of the vinyl.

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